The new engine arrived late last week. Jacob and I had it installed by noon last Saturday, btu couldnt’ figure out the wiring. After trying I spent several hours online trying to find the seemingly top secret wiring diagrams that would get this baby roaring, I found a blog post that showed me the error of all the ways I had tried so far. After taking their advice, Voila!!! I Had spark.

So I changed the oil, rolled her out in the garage and filled up the gas tank. Big mistake! I hadn’t checked to be sure the fuel petcock was making a good seal . turns out I had broken the filter off when I removed it earlier. So about a half gallon of gas leaked on the driveway Monday night. Not to mention, it looks like the carb floats are sticking, causing it to dump fuel out the bottom of the carb.

New fuel petcock should be here on Thursday. Maybe Sunday afternoon I can get the carb cleaned and isntall the new fuel valve, and see if we can get her started!