I picked up a “great deal” on a mini bike off Craigslist in June.  It ran super-strong.  When I ran it in the driveway for a while, it blew the engine.  Turns out it had a massive oil leak and was bone dry. Dumb mistake – buying the bike without checking the oil and looking more closely for leaks.  Doh!

I decided to rebuild it!  🙂  Now that I have it apart, it’s apparent that a new engine is a cheaper alternative.  Blown head, cracked crank cases…the new engine is coming in the mail now.  Wish me luck!

Here are some pics!


wpid-IMAG1050.jpg wpid-IMAG1051.jpg  wpid-IMAG1071.jpg wpid-IMAG1072.jpg wpid-IMAG1073.jpg wpid-IMAG1074.jpg wpid-IMAG1075.jpg wpid-IMAG1076.jpg wpid-IMAG1077.jpg wpid-IMAG1078.jpg wpid-IMAG1079.jpg wpid-IMAG1080.jpg wpid-IMAG1081.jpg wpid-IMAG1082.jpg wpid-IMAG1083.jpg wpid-IMAG1084.jpg wpid-IMAG1085.jpg wpid-IMAG1086.jpg wpid-IMAG1087.jpg wpid-IMAG1088.jpg wpid-IMAG1089.jpg wpid-IMAG1090.jpg wpid-IMAG1091.jpg wpid-IMAG1092.jpg